Kids head back to school in less than three weeks — let’s finish summer on an upbeat!  Here’s our list of TV-free activities that foster creativity & keep kids moving!  

Go to the playground!  Do kids ever get tired of the playground?  Mix it up and try a new playground and plan to head out in the morning before the sun has had a chance to make the equipment untouchable.  

Paint rocks.  Whether they’re garden rocks or found rocks, adding some paint and googly eyes will get kids creative juices flowing.  All you have to do is provide the supplies and get them set up at the kitchen table {or in a shaded spot in the backyard!}.  

Do a large puzzle.   It seems that nearly everyone has a 500+ piece puzzle collecting dust somewhere in the house.  Clear a spot and get the whole family in on it.  It sure beats mindless television watching and it creates serious quality time that your kids crave.

Decorate your bike & go for a ride.  Leftover party supplies make a great addition to handle bar pom-pom fringe!  Get the neighborhood kids together and you can have a bike parade. 

Chase & catch fireflies.  Reminisce about your own childhood and head outside after dark to catch fireflies. Childhood memories are made from magical moments like these.  

Build a science kit.  Some scientific experiments can be made using items from your kitchen pantry, while others require a few more supplies.  Not sure where to start?  There are lots of cool subscription services that send these amazing science kits right to your door.  

Pull Your Weight Single Box


What ideas do you have for finishing summer strong?  Leave them in the comments below!

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